The Fundamental Illusion of Online Marketing

Let’s look at the Fundamental Illusion of Online Marketing and get to the point of how marketers make an honest living online today. Rewind back to the first days of making money online… some of the first mentors I studied were making full-time incomes back in the 90’s. Long before all of the technology advancements we see today with consumers being able to purchase things around the clock from their mobile devices.The interesting thing is that the three key elements are the same today as it was back then with a few new “marketing iterations” in the mix. You have to do these things to make an online marketing career work out-1- Find people who spend money in your niche2- Get them onto your list by giving them free stuff of value3- Now sell them what they’re already buying by giving the bonuses to buy from youIf they don’t buy keep marketing to them with webinars, e-mails, mailings, phone calls etc.You really don’t need to own every marketing course or book under the sun to get the ball rolling. One of the biggest pitfalls in the online marketing industry is the huge learning curve of how to set all the things up that make an online marketing business a success. The best way to remedy this when you’re a newbie is to plug into a mentor that has a proven track record of success. Meaning they have a Sales Funnel that converts the people who come to them online into sales and are in profit. Connect to them and see if you can sell what they offer and get paid to send traffic their way. This is what if referred to as being an affiliate partner.Now you’re on the fast track with a proven system that works for you and earns you money while you’re getting a higher education in the online marketing world. This way you can decide if it is a good fit for you to set-up all the pieces that are required to step up into the place of having your own high converting offers and systems in place and you can then sign on affiliates who sell your products.So the bottom-line is nothing happens until something is sold. Stay tuned as I continue to write about how to win in the online marketing world. I enjoy sharing what I have picked up along the way as a gift of paying it forward to you in order to shorten your learning curve to save you time energy and money. Most important to make sure you win in business online. Pick up one of my favorite online marketing plans to continue your education by going to the link below today.